Camryn Scott recently graduated with an English degree and 
a couple classes in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University.
She has received recognition from the J. Alfred Pennington Society
of Mildly Funny People, the Conrad G. Floogle Center for Recovering 
Alien Abduction Victims, or CRAAV, and her parents, who once said 
they thought she was great. Despite this high level of achievement, 
Camryn never won a high school superlative award, a fact which she is still 
deeply scarred by. Besides her dream of learning how to use chopsticks, 
Camryn would love to someday publish novels for children. She lives 
in rural Indiana with her astronaut husband and their four pigs, 
Archibald, Bellissimo, Joaquin, and Rick. 

Reviews for Camryn

"A voice for our timeif our time was pale and neurotic and completely insane." - Jim McJenkins, The New York Times 

"We really appreciate that Camryn represents us on a platform where our voice has previously been so limited." 
- White girls of America, Blogs

"Camryn is an amazing person and she definitely did not pay me to say that." - her husband, a Post-it note

"Personally, I think BeyoncĂ© had the best blog of all time." - Kanye West, a Tweet

"If she wrote a book I wouldn't read it." - America, Popular Opinion

"We appreciate that she doesn't write on paper, or as we like to call it, the cold, shriveled skin of our ancestors." 
- Trees, Chlorophyll Monthly

"The only way Camryn could be better at what she does is if everything she wrote was about bacon." 
- Jim Gaffigan, Overheard in a Deli

"She lets us stay on her face, which is pretty cool. Most people hate us." - Freckles

"Us too." - Dimples

"She uses lots of dashes 
And I feel that " - Emily Dickinson, Dash Happy

"She recently gained 40 pounds and is part dragon." - The National Enquirer

"I'm not sure that she knows how to properly pronounce the word macabre." - Dracula, The Transylvania Times

"I can't stop reading this blog!" - Man tied to a chair, Help!

"I show Camryn's writing to my friends so people actually read it. It really helps her self esteem." - Her Mom

"Everyone knows she's just a less hot version of me." - Tina Fey, The News

"We were all jealous of her." - College Roommates

"Possibly 98% of this is untrue." - Camryn