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     The 25 Things...Thing

     Shel Silverstein, "Being Yourself," and Proof that I'm a Hypocrite 
     10 Things I Hate about Pokémon 
     Camryn, Gertrude, and the Mystery of the Botanical Man 
     10 Reasons Why your Life isn't Completely Atrocious 
     5 Reasons We Use Emoticons 
     Modesty: Why It's a Good Idea
     Movie Reviews: Haiku Edition
     Subtotals: My Life Through Numbers
     Small Talk: A Satirical Approach 
     A Necessary Ranting Session
     How to Be a Hipster 
     Excerpts From my Little Green Notebook
     Finals and Muffins and Bigfoot, Oh My!
     The Seating Chart Epiphany 
     The 5 People that will be in Your Class
     Explanations of TV Shows I've Never Actually Seen
     A Year on My Own, or the Post in which Camryn Attempts to Offer Advice
     10 Adjectives that Should be used More Often
     On Technology and Grandchildren...and Feelings. And Other Possibly Important Things 
     6 Christmas Songs that Shouldn't Exist and Should Go Away Right Now



     Octospi or Spitopus?

     I am a Sweater
     Monologue: I'm the Little Plastic Square Thing on your Bread
     Mutatis Mutandis
     Walmart is Gross: A Haiku
     The Importance of Context
     Words, Words, Words
     Swollen Eyes and Bee Attacks: The Return of 8th Grade
     It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...Lenny Kravitz? 
     American Pharoah : Horse Racing :: Jango Fett : The Clone Army :: Wayne Gretzky : Hockey     
     Ich kann Deutsch...ein Bisschen.
     Megan Writes Beautiful Things and You Should Read Them
     Taylor Swift Ripped Off Children's Song 
     Can we Please be Real about being "Real?"
     Employees Must Wash Hands
     Life, Lately
     The Canadian Connection 
     One Time I went to Burger King in Elko and it was the Worst 
     What Happens on the Bus Does not Stay on the Bus
     Schwimmen ist Schwierig 
     Piles of Things
     Who is Rey? More Theories that Everyone Should Consider 


     We're all Amorphous Soup Goo Right Now and it's Okay

     Taylor Swift has a lot of Awesome Clothes and You Should Look at them
     On Walter Scott, Blogs, and Anonymity
     The McJagger
     Subtotals: College Edition
     The College Chapter
     I Need to Vent About Gilmore Girls 
     I'm Married to Captain Ahab
     I've Got a Beef with Pinterest 
     On Quiet, My Introversion, and What I Know Now •
     25 Things About my Life Partner Man Person
     20 Reasons Why that Girl's Tongue is Sticking out in Every Picture
     I Do Not Want your Ads and Spam
     Pinterest Quote or Ridiculous Thing I Made Up? •
     Road Trip Thoughts
     A Few Questions, or Proof that I am Watching Too Much Television and Spending a Lot of Time at Target
     The Dresser •
     Billy Joel: Psychiatrist 
     I Had a Dream
     Waldo •
     One Eyed Girl
     A Guide to Writing Research Papers, or, An Analogy of Pokémon Proportions
     Thoughts Over Tacos on a Tuesday
     Of Poems and Past Things
     Alternate Presidential Candidates
     8 Reasons Why Fall is the Scariest Season •
     My Patronus
     I am an Awkward Fluff of Cotton Candy
     That One Time We Adopted Mice and I Wasn't a Fan
     A Lesson in Grammar
     Pumpkins, You're Beautiful Just the Way You Are
     Shoot for that Obscure Planet Lightyears Away that We Think Might Have Water
     Haunted Lift Ride of Death •
     10 Reasons I Know I Have an Awesome Job
     We Love Coloring •
     10 Things I Learned About Painting
     It's Mandarin Orange Season, People 
     I Had a Dream Pt. 2
     The R&B Christmas Album You Never Knew You Needed
     The Lost Fables of Aesop: Reindeer Games

    5 Songs You Should Listen to Because
     Tuesday is for Tacos 
     Crushes of Valentines Past
     Ode to a Valentine
     I Had a Dream Pt. 3
     The Pizzagon
     May the Fourth