Last night I had a dream that I was starring as Batman in a new Batman movie that involves some fictitious islands off the coast of British Columbia and a secluded town in Alaska and I kept forgetting my lines and making Michael Keaton really frustrated (he was playing the maybe-he's-a-good-guy-maybe-he's-a-bad-guy that Batman meets up with in Alaska) and while we were shooting I had a moment where I was like "DANGIT I STILL HAVE LADY EYEBROWS AND BATMAN CAN'T HAVE THOSE" so I was like "I'll have to fix that tomorrow" and then during an action chase scene we were filming I was using blue construction paper instead of a rope to repel from and the director was like "you need to find a more realistic rope" so that was frustrating and then near the end of the day of shooting I realized I wasn't doing my deep Batman voice very consistently throughout the filming. Also, for some reason I was in charge of drawing the maps of the fake islands for the movie, too, and everything I came up with looked really, really bad. 

What could this mean? Do I feel like I have to be a superhero lately but also juggle a bunch of different time-consuming things akin to cartography and set-design and props that altogether don't really make sense? Am I trying to anchor myself with the equivalent of flimsy construction paper? Do I subconsciously just really want to meet Michael Keaton? Should I shave my eyebrows off? This is what happens when I actually get 8 hours of sleep on a weekday. 

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